Lilia Boyadjieva’s repertoire includes many classical works as well as works from 20th century music (A. Scriabin, S. Prokofiev, A. Schönberg, A. Webern, B. Bartok, D. Milhaud, S. Barber, D. Shostakovich, N. Skalkotas) including most important Greek and Bulgarian composers.



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Concertos with Orchestra

J. S Bach

S. Barber

B. Bartok

L. V. Beethoven

J. Brahms

G. Gershwin

F. Chopin

E. Grieg

J. Harbison

A. Honegger

F. Liszt

W. A. Mozart

F. Poulenc

S. Prokofiev

S. Rachmaninov

M. Ravel

R. Schumann

A. Scriabin

R. Shchedrin

D. Shostakovich

R. Strauss

I. Stravinsky

P. Vladiguerov

Piano Concerto in D-minor.

Piano Concerto, Op. 38.

Piano concerto N° 3 in E-major.

Piano concertos N° 1 à N° 5.

Piano concerto N° 1 in D-minor.

Piano concerto in F, Rhapsody in blue.

Piano concerto N° 1, E-minor.

Piano concerto in A-minor.

Piano concerto

Concertino H55.

Piano concerto N° 2, A-major.

Piano concertos KV 414, KV 466, KV 467, KV 491.

Piano concerto

Piano concertos N° 1, D-flat major and N° 3, C-major.

Piano concertos N° 1, F-sharp minor, N° 2, C-minor and Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini.

Piano concerto in G-major and Concerto for the left hand.

Piano concerto in A-minor.

Piano concerto in F-sharp minor.

Piano Concerto N° 3 « variations and theme ».

Piano concertos N° 1 in C-minor and N° 2 in F-major.

Burlesque in D-minor.

Piano concerto.

Piano concerto N° 4.